What People Are Saying

“Boulder Vitality’s ‘Cleanse 360′ is a must for anyone who understands the importance of keeping their elimination system regular. The results were immediate and within 30 days of using the digestive products daily in combination with the cleanse pill I felt like I had a whole new body!

With over twenty years of dedication to living a health conscious lifestyle, I highly recommend this product.”

– David S.

“After initially experiencing a strong reaction to the cleanse pill (I definitely got cleaned out!), I was pleasantly surprised to find that just a half a pill a day helped me become regular with no cramps or stomach pain. It’s a very gentle herbal formula which works well for my more sensitive system. After a week of taking half a pill per day, I increased to one pill nightly with great results. No more bloated feeling and I definitely feel lighter on my feet. I have made it part of my regular daily supplements and could not be more pleased with the results.”

– Janet C.

“I’ve used the product for three months and have experienced great results. Use it with lots of water and the daily results will amaze you.”

– Geoff S.

“I love the Cleanse 360 detox pills. The first bottle worked so well – I was amazed! I had to order a second bottle immediately. I also travel a lot and it’s a great travel companion. Just one pill every night keeps me right on track and feeling light and energetic.

I can’t wait to try the products in the complete digestive kit!”

– Nickki B.

“I love to have the Boulder Vitality Cleanse pill on hand at all times. While I don’t use it every day, I know when I’ll need it. It’s great for traveling when it’s more difficult to be regular or whenever my schedule is a little off. I experience no side effects and it’s easy to swallow. Nature’s little helper ;)”

– Janette S.

“I travel for my work constantly. The Boulder Vitality daily cleanse tablets have become an essential part of my travel routine. After flying cross country I used to experience chronic constipation and now I drink lots of water, take a cleanse pill nightly and am regular as clockwork! This has made a tremendous difference in my mood and energy on my trips. It’s amazing and I wouldn’t miss it nightly at home either!”

– Sally S.

“These cleanse pills are incredible. When I read that they were the worlds easiest cleanse I was skeptical. After using them nightly for the past several months I am a believer. After years of battling a sluggish gut and suffering from occasional bouts of gas, bloating and digestive upset. I am completely regular, with no digestive problems.”

– Danny R.