Pre-Fiber Plus

Appetite Control: Boulder Vitality Pre-Fiber supplement works to reduce your appetite and helps maintain overall digestive health. It will give your body the tools it needs to improve the immune system and it can also help reduce cholesterol.

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The Boulder Vitality Pre-Fiber Plus supplement is designed to help reduce your appetite and clean the intestine. Just take two capsules with an 8-ounce glass of water 20 minutes before a meal to keep your appetite in check. Made up of five ingredients —Glucomannan, Beta-Glucan, Apple Pectin Powder, Slippery Elm and Bromelain – this supplement can help battle cholesterol and boost your immune system.

Taking the fiber supplement routinely before large meals will aid in the overall digestion of food and help you keep the nutrients your body needs and get rid of the toxins. You’ll find yourself having more energy, eating less, and keeping unwanted weight off for good.

Suggested Use: Two capsules to be taken with 8-ounces of water, 15 minutes before a meal.


Beta-Glucan, Glucomannan, Slippery Elm, Apple Pectin Powder, Bromelain


Appetite Control. Boulder Vitality Fiber works to reduce appetite while also functioning as an intestinal cleanser removing toxins and waste from the body to maintain overall digestive health.