Poop Talk

Here at Boulder Vitality, we’ve found that we talk about our poop a lot. And I guess we should! We are dedicated to helping people live a vital life and through that dedication, we’ve formulated products that cleanse and energize your body.

Healthy elimination is one of the best ways to make sure your body is using it’s energy effectively. That’s why we’re working with Nutrition PhD. Eloise Nelson to provide the Boulder Vitality Cleanse 360. Eloise has been providing this cleanse to her clients for 20 years! Now, through Boulder

So what does your poop say about your health?

Check out the Bristol Stool Chart and see where you fall.


If you’re:

  • Types 1-3: You are constipated.
  • Types 4-5: In great shape.
  • Types 6-7: Too “urgent” to be normal.