Good Digestion: 3 Keys to Vibrant Health

By Boulder Vitality Staff

Ugh. You know the feeling… Your body feels sluggish, your thinking isn’t as sharp as you would like and your skin lacks the shine you know it can have. Surprisingly, the problem is that when our digestion is slow to eliminate toxins, we feel it throughout our bodies in so many ways. No one really wants to talk about the importance of healthy elimination, you know, keeping your digestive flow regular, but it is so important to our overall health. We have to make sure to take care of our digestion and regularly dispose of the toxins that build in our bodies.

Well functioning digestion is the key to remaining healthy. We are at our healthiest when we absorb the nutrients entering our bodies and eliminate toxins on a daily basis. When we don’t eliminate at least once per day, we retain toxins from our food and our surrounding environment. As a way to feel and look our best, to prevent chronic disease – even cancer, it is essential to keep our digestion healthy and running smoothly.

Here are a few simple and important solutions to keeping a healthy digestive tract:

Cleanse and Detoxify with Clean Food and Supplements

First, let’s look at cleansing and detoxifying our systems. Regular cleansing and detoxifying will restore energy by lifting the load that toxins place on our blood and organs. Regularly exercising and drinking eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day are necessary to rid ourselves of toxins and waste in our bodies. Eating a clean diet of fresh, nutrient-rich vegetables and fruit also contributes to maintaining a healthy digestive system. It can also be very beneficial to cleanse your body with a supplement. Periodically cleanse by taking Boulder Vitality Cleanse, known as “the janitor” while you sleep. This amazing supplement is made out of just four herbs: Garlic, Aloe, Milk Thistle, and Indian Pennywort. It will cleanse the liver, blood, and colon and you will be left feeling recharged.

Take Probiotics for a Healthy Balance

Probiotics are a must for your digestive system and maintaining a healthy digestive flow. Consuming fermented dairy products such as yogurt and kefir that are full of beneficial bacteria rebalance the flora in your gut when it goes out of balance. Too much sugar and antibiotics can easily disrupt the harmonic equilibrium that is so necessary for healthy elimination. Try Boulder Vitality’s Probiotics just twice a day to maximize the good flora in your stomach. You will have a stronger immune system and more energy as a result.

Support Your Digestion with Enzymes and Fiber

Finally, enzymes and fiber are essential for a healthy gut and regularity. When you eat a clean diet with lean proteins and a variety of colorful fruits and veggies, you will absorb the nutrients necessary to be at your best. When you can’t always eat the perfectly balanced, nutrient-rich diet; be sure to take Bolder Vitality’s Enzyme supplement that consists of herbal co-factors, trace minerals, and vital nutrients. You will notice that you have more energy, and you will absorb the maximum nutrients from your food.

Please don’t forget the fiber! A diet that is primarily plant-based will increase your daily fiber intake.  Eating whole grains, fruits, veggies, and legumes will provide enough dietary fiber to reduce your appetite, maintain a healthy weight, and eliminate harmful toxins. Taking the Boulder Vitality Pre-Fiber supplement is another great way to maintain balance in your digestive system. You just take two capsules with an 8 oz. glass of water 20 minutes before a meal. You will notice the difference in your digestion and energy immediately.

Taking care of your body doesn’t have to be an overwhelming chore, but if you remember to eat clean foods and supplement when necessary, you will enjoy endless benefits of good health.