Food Matters

By Boulder Vitality Staff

The body is designed to derive its nutrients from fresh, unadulterated food. When nutrients are introduced into the system in the form of uncoppected whole foods, they are converted into usable energy with the greatest efficiency. Whenever we consume pasteurized hormone injected foods; foods containing coloring, additives and preservatives; foods that have been genetically altered or are laced with pesticides and herbicides; or processed and synthetic foods, we require the body to over expend an enormous amount of energy to identify and extract the negligible, if not altogether non-existent nutritional content from them. It is in fact this unnecessary burden that presents the greatest challenge for our body, and the most difficult hurdle en route to sustained vibrant health.

There are certain “givens” involved in the quest for longevity for citizens of industrialized nations. We are all exposed to the same ecological conditions to a great extent, and must all deal with the ever-increasing environmental pollution. We are born with our own unique genetic makeup and must play the cards that we were dealt. And, unless we choose to live in a bubble, we are all exposed to viruses and harmful bacteria that our systems are required to combat. The only thing, aside from our emotional state, that we can be in complete control of, is what we put into our mouths. We choose the source and quality of the food that we eat. We select when and how we ingest it.

This content was originally posted on the Power of Chow.