Digestive Enzymes PLUS

Enzyme bottle for storeBoulder Vitality’s  Digestive Enzymes Plus supplement enhances energy and longevity by optimizing your body’s ability to break down food, absorb nutrients and maintain a healthy digestive tract. 

Why Take Digestive Enzymes Daily? 

Food enzymes are found naturally in raw, uncooked foods and help digest those foods so their nutrients can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Food enzymes, however, can be destroyed when heated above temperatures of 115 degrees.  Because most of us don’t eat a completely raw diet, our bodies must work hard to constantly create new food enzymes to digest the processed, cooked foods we eat. When the body has to focus on creating new enzymes it’s not able to focus on the more important tasks of cleaning, healing and repairing.


The primary goal of these enzymes is to cultivate longevity through improving the digestive process, particularly absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste. The philosophy is rooted in maximizing the nutrient conversion process.  In addition to the amount of nutrients you ingest, it’s equally important that you are able to absorb as many nutrients as possible from the food you eat.  

Taking supplemental enzymes helps your body avoid toxic build-up in the colon and any ensuing degenerative health issues such as indigestion and constipation. When taken 15 minutes before a meal, Digestive Enzymes Plus will help break down all of the nutrients that you’re eating.

By taking some of the burden off your digestion system, your body can focus on regeneration, which means you have more energy to live your life.  

“People spend 80% of their energy digesting food. This leaves 20% for cleansing, healing and repairing. We want to flip those numbers.” – Eloise Nelson, Nutritionist, PhD

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, fats
  • Maximize absorption of nutrients
  • Digestion synergy with probiotic & fiber products
  • Elimination of waste



Organic Ginger stimulates digestion, settles the stomach, and benefits the intestines and circulatory system.

Organic Black Peppercorn is considered to be one of nature’s perfect foods by Yogis.  It stimulates digestion, raises the energy level and relieves abdominal fullness.  Black pepper stimulates the production of HCL.

Organic Fennel stimulates digestion, relieves flatulence and abdominal fullness and settles the stomach.  It is also beneficial to the liver as it helps in the regeneration of cells.

Organic Cardamom treats indigestion and gas.  It is warming to the body and valued as a stimulant.  Cardamom treats nausea, vomiting, sour regurgitation and abdominal fullness.

Organic Cloves are effective for improving digestion, increasing circulation, warming the body; treating flatulence, vomiting and nausea.

Organic Cinnamon warms the digestive system and harmonizes all the nutrients found in these herbs.  In recent studies, cinnamon has improved participants’ scores on tasks related to attention processes, virtual recognition memory, working memory, and visual-motor response speed.


Organic Dulse, Organic Bladderwrack and Wild Crafted Spirulina are used for their trace mineral value.  They work as catalysts to spark enzyme activity.

Bladderwrack is rich in iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfur, silicon and iron. It’s also high in some B-complex vitamins. It contains moderate amounts of phosphorus, selenium, manganese and zinc and small amounts of Vitamins A, C, E and G. It also contains anti-sterility Vitamin S as well as Vitamin K. It is rich in algin and mannitol, carotene and zeaxantin with traces of bromine.

Dulse is exceptionally nutritious and high in dietary fiber, containing around 10 – 20% protein and a whole slew of vitamins and minerals, including Alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, cobalt, lutein, niacin, phosphorous, riboflavin, selenium, silicon, sodium, tin, zeaxanthin, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, iodine, manganese, copper, chromium, zinc, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E and zinc. Unlike other seaweeds, it is relatively low in sodium.

Spirulina is rich in chlorophyll which detoxifies both the kidneys and liver.  Nutrients in spirulina build the blood, enhance intestinal flora, and inhibit the growth of yeasts, fungi and bacteria.