Cleanse & Digestive 360


The Boulder Vitality Cleanse and Digestive 360 system builds on the Cleanse 360, the world’s easiest daily cleanse, to take your health to a new level.

It includes the Cleanse 360, In addition to three powerful digestive aids that work together to promote good digestion while removing toxins from your system and rejuvenating cells.

Cleanse and Digestive 360 includes a 30 day supply of the following products:


Easy to incorporate into your daily life (just a few pills a day), you can optimize your health and attain remarkable results with our proven formulas. Follow our suggested dietary guidelines and simple tips in the Essential Guide to Cleansing Manual for optimal results.

Tailor your cleanse to suit your needs. For example you may choose to use the complete Cleanse and Digestive 360 system seasonally while supporting your body daily with the Cleanse 360.  Whatever your choice, building and maintaining a healthy digestive and elimination system are the two best things you can do to have glowing health.

Regular elimination means less bloating, less gas and built-up toxins. A healthy digestive tract ensures proper nutrient absorption, which means you’ll sleep better, have more energy, a stronger immune system, and an easier time keeping off extra weight. It also helps regenerate your cells daily, so you can have that radiant glow that originates from good nutrition.

Better nutrient absorption and less time digesting means more energy for living. 

Here’s what you get from our products:

Cleanse 360 prepares and rejuvenates the body by removing excess waste and toxins.  

Digestive 360  restores and maintains your healthy digestive tract while building immunity, controlling appetite and promoting regular elimination. Consisting of three proprietary blends sourced from the  highest quality ingredients each formula has added components (PLUS) that make them highly effective and unique.

* Daily Probiotic PLUS

Build Immunity: This product is infused with D3 to to further aid in the absorption of nutrients and function as the main line of defense called our immune system, which protects us from illness and disease.

* Digestive Enzymes PLUS

Restore and maintain: Aid the body by maximizing digestion and absorption of nutrients, increasing energy levels, vitality and longevity.

* Pre-Fiber PLUS

Appetite Control: Keep the digestive system clean by removing waste that inhibits nutrient absorption and causes auto-intoxication. It also functions as a pre-biotic, which naturally feeds and fortifies our pro-biotic formula. Aids in weight maintenance if taken before meals.