Mauricio Lluch

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Mauricio Lluch has been researching and applying vitality protocols for more than 15 years. He graduated from the Rocky Mountain Botanical School with a focus in nutrition and western herbalism. He then worked as a Vitamin & Herb Manager at Wild Oats (a long-standing natural products store in Boulder that was eventually bought by Whole Foods Market), before taking on the role of Group Publisher at New Hope Natural Media, the largest media company within the natural products industry. Currently, Mauricio is a health coach and owner of He specializes in personalized nutrition and fitness.

Why Boulder: “In 1995, I was living in the Los Angeles area doing marketing for Fortune 500 companies at an ad agency. After visiting Boulder, I packed my bags without a job and moved here because back then, I saw Boulder as a ‘Mecca’ for healthy, conscious living. I currently live on top of the world (9,000 Feet) in the mountains west of Boulder, where I still enjoy the pristine clean mountain air and peacefulness. I recently returned from a South American travel adventure, and I still find Boulder to be one of those magical places that still inspires me to [in the words of Bob Marley] ‘live the life you love.’”