Julie Lobdell

Julie Bio Pic

Julie Lobdell started her career in the commercial production and entertainment business, working behind the camera, and in sales and marketing with companies such as Lorimar and Telepictures. Eventually her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for living a healthy lifestyle inspired her to move onto the next chapter of her life and move from Los Angeles to Boulder, Colorado.

In 1996 she launched Peak Pilates, building it into a leading manufacturer of Pilates equipment and provider of Pilates Education for Instructor Certification. She successfully ran Peak Pilates for 14 years, before selling it to Mad Dogg Athletics in Los Angeles, founders of Spinning and pioneers of the Indoor Cycling fitness movement.

Julie is co-founder of Boulder Vitality. She is also a certified Wellness Coach, with a primary focus on helping women over 50 develop successful lifestyle habits and realize that you’re never too old to be healthy, feel good, and thrive.

Why Boulder: “Boulder has made it easy for me to follow my lifestyle passions.  An avid equestrian, hiker, yoga and Pilates practitioner, the many options and ease of pursuing an active lifestyle here has been a joy. As a community, the focus on health and wellness, clean eating and progressive thinking make Boulder a perfect fit for me.”