Eloise Nelson

Eloise Bio Pic

Eloise Nelson is Boulder Vitality’s resident formulator. She is a PhD nutritionist with 35 years of experience in natural healthcare and exercise training. Specializing in nutritional and lifestyle education, weight reduction and women’s health care, she is the author of The 14 Day Gourmet Cleanse and Rejuvenation ProgramEloise teaches workshops on nutrition and food preparation in addition to providing individual consultations in the areas of lifestyle enhancement, anti-aging, and longevity. She has formulated nutritional products for more than 20 years that are currently sold domestically and in 22 countries worldwide.

Eloise’s unique background in holistic nutrition and product formulation means that she is able to create high-quality products for Boulder Vitality that focus both on optimizing health and enhancing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from both food and supplements.  Her mission is to share health and happiness with people all over the world.

Why Boulder: “I fell in love with Boulder on my first visit as a young teenager. One of the things I loved the most about Boulder were all of the funky little health food stores found on almost every corner. People seemed genuinely happy eating healthy food, riding bikes, jogging, skate boarding, hiking, skiing, and rock climbing. I fit right in with my natural interest in health and well-being.”