Boulder: It’s a Vibe

Healthy. Happy. Energetic. This is Boulder Vitality.

Voted one of the healthiest and happiest towns in the United States, Boulder, Colorado is a vibrant town that has long been a hub for the natural products industry. Many of the world’s most successful natural foods companies started in Boulder and remain here today. Not to mention there’s a health food store on every corner. In short, we value our health here in Boulder, and now, we want to share what we know, to help you value your health, too.

What does being healthy mean? To us, being healthy means eating well and nurturing our bodies to be as good as they can be. We ask a lot of our bodies. Let’s face it, we don’t drink as much water as we should, or get enough sleep, and often our diets are less than perfect. At Boulder Vitality, we realize that sometimes a little extra help is needed to keep our bodies working just right, and to restore and maintain the energy we need to enjoy life.

Enjoying life means we have the energy to be on the endless running, hiking and biking paths that surround us. We have the focus and peace of mind to enjoy yoga or a meditation class. And it means that we’re able to draw energy not only from good food, but also from daily life – friends, family, community, and 300 days of sunshine.

When you use Boulder Vitality products, you can experience all the rewards of taking the time to take care of your body and soul all year round – not just for a few weeks that happen after an intensive cleanse. Whether you’re living the fast-paced big city lifestyle or running after your little ones at home, Boulder Vitality will give you the energy you need in a simple, clean form that won’t intrude on your day.