8 Key Benefits of a Healthy Digestive System

By Boulder Vitality Staff

Are you suffering from constipation, allergies, fatigue, skin problems, mood swings, bad breath or food intolerance? These problems may be rooted in your digestive system.  

Your digestive system has a direct impact on your overall health. Digestion is the mechanical and chemical process of breaking down food into molecules small enough to be absorbed through your intestinal lining.  Built-up old waste and hardened mucus can hinder absorption. You must have a healthy, clean and intact intestinal lining to absorb the maximum nutrients possible. Every cell, tissue and organ in your body depends on nutrient absorption and assimilation of food through healthy digestion. That’s why it’s so important to eat foods or supplement with adequate amounts of probiotics, enzymes, and fiber for digestive and immune health.

As important as it is to digest and absorb, it is equally important to eliminate. Once digestion and absorption are completed, undigested food, bacteria, metabolic wastes, hormones, cholesterol, and environmental toxins need to be removed from the body to prevent autointoxication. This happens through bowel movements. If you don’t have daily bowel movements, you may experience a host of uncomfortable symptoms, from bloating to low energy.

8 Amazing Benefits of a Good Digestion System

When your GI tract is healthy and your digestion is functioning well you can expect the following benefits:

  1. Healthy Weight Loss

When toxins are eliminated efficiently and not trapped inside of us, our stool passes much of the waste out of our bodies, thereby “lightening our load.” Eating enough fiber and drinking enough water assists this process.

  1. Enhanced Elimination of Toxins

Our bodies do an excellent job (when the digestive system is in working order) taking care of the many toxins and waste we build up inside of us. We get rid of by-products every time we urinate, expel a breath, blow our nose, release tears when we cry, sweat and have bowel movements. Our body targets these toxins and eliminates them.

  1. Heightened Mental Clarity

Healthy digestion combined with a highly nutritious diet is the essence of long-term vitality. Your diet affects every system in the body, but especially the brain. Research has found an abundance of neuropeptides (molecules that transmit brain signals) in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and have also shown that the beneficial bacteria in our GI tracts influence brain health, mood, and much more.

  1. Increased Energy and Stamina

When you clean out the gunk in your gut, your body doesn’t have to work as hard to digest the foods you eat. Energy that would have gone into digestion can now be used to live life.

  1. Regular, Consistent and Optimal Bowel Movements

You will realize regularity when your digestive system is functioning properly. This is defined as a bowel movement one to three times a day and one that is not too soft or hard. (Everyone has a different number of bowel movements, despite popular belief.)

  1. Improved Absorption of Nutrients

When you have a healthy digestive system, what you consume is properly digested, and then the beneficial nutrients are immersed into the bloodstream via the small intestine. Nutrient absorption gets a boost when a healthy intestinal lining provides a large surface for absorption.

  1. Increased Immune System and Disease Defenses

Did you know that 80% of our immune system is contained in our digestive system? When all is running smoothly, our immune responses increase.

  1. Relief from Mood Disorders

Our GI tract, often called our body’s “second brain,” is responsible for producing 95% of the serotonin (the “feel good” hormone) in our bodies. The Mayo Clinic found that serotonin plays a key role in controlling depression. Feelings of relaxation, optimism and an overall sense of well-being can be attributed to the neurotransmitter, serotonin.